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Chillys Pizza

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Who We Are

It all started with …

The best spot in Port Douglas ..

When we decided to open a Pizzeria in Port Douglas, we wanted to try something different. As local residents for the past 12 years, we’ve dined at almost every restaurant in town…at least twice! Whilst we love the range of eateries available in this small tropical hot-spot, we were missing that one great place where foodies can go for a truly laid back vibe, which has little pretention or formality. Somewhere that offers world class food without breaking the bank, a place where friends can catch up over a pizza, and where locals and tourists alike can sit back and relax in a harmonious setting.

Having previously lived in Italy for some time, we learned the art of pizza making from the local pizzaioli, using fresh and traditional ingredients made in a true Italian style. After sampling and making thousands of pizzas throughout the country, we can safely say that we know Pizza like a true Italiano! With the abundance of fresh, local produce available in tropical north Queensland, we knew that we could offer something truly special; authentic, fresh Italian pizza with an Australian twist.

However it wasn’t until we found the perfect spot in Port Douglas that we decided to reignite our ovens and open Chilli’s Pizza and Trattoria at its current venue on the corner of Grant and Mowbray Street. We’ve now created a relaxed dining atmosphere, with world class food and an al-fresco vibe.

Classically, pizza was made to be shared, and we welcome you to share in our story.

Axel and Michaela


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Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Tuesday - Saturday: 5pm - 10pm
Closed Sunday - Monday

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